Sustainability - The Residences at Winthrop Center Sustainability - The Residences at Winthrop Center


Center your values.

What matters to you? Perhaps that your residence is made with clean, healthy materials and equipped with next-generation energy-saving appliances. That Winthrop Center is a trailblazer of urban innovation, designed in partnership with professors from the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative. Or that you live atop the largest Passive House office building in the world–constructed from the ground up to adhere to a rigorous global standard for responsible energy use and consume 50% less energy than the average LEED Certified Boston building. When you choose the place you want to call home, follow your values. It feels good to live centered.

Sustainable is a choice

Choosing to live at The Residences at Winthrop Center makes a statement. We believe it matters to you that these are the only residences in Boston with climate-conscious Sub-Zero induction cooktops and refrigerators that use less energy than a light bulb and keep food fresher longer. Here, you can live car-free, in a building that supports a low-carbon lifestyle.

A project that’s changing everything

The Residences are part of Winthrop Center, which includes the world’s largest Passive House office space. This visionary approach to sustainable urban design is already inspiring the bold new strategies that will help cities achieve aggressive carbon reduction goals. Winthrop Center is also LEED Platinum and WELL Gold certified.


“Winthrop Center is an aggressively sustainable building. It’s 50% less carbon intensive and energy intensive.”

Prof. John E. Fernandez
Director of the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative
Member of the White House Climate Science Roundtable


Electric Car

Need a car? Borrow one of ours.

Here in the center of it all, you may never need a car again. But in case you do, simply reserve it. Tesla Model 3 vehicles are available in the building for our residents’ use and can be requested through the ConnexIQ app.